An introduction of Swiss Military by Chrono 300m Lightweight Titanium diver

Published on 9 January 2024 at 19:02

Today I would like to introduce a watch that became a part of my collection just by coincidence. While I was searching for a diver watch which is at the moment on my way to me and will be reviewed soon, I just accidentally ran into the Swiss Military by Chrono 300m diver watch. Maybe you will remember that almost three years ago I already described one Swiss Military watch, but that one was made by Hanowa (check the review here). Even today I am still confused about all those brands who use "Swiss Military", I just know that this watch, made  "by Chrono" and "Hanowa" , do not have much in common...

So, why is then this watch here? Well, while I was searching the Irisimo web shop looking for a diver that I announced, during the fast listing I - with a glimpse of an eye - spotted a watch similar to the latest version of Breitling Superocean. " Is Irisimo now selling Breitling as well? " I asked myself, and browsed back to the page where this "Breitling" was spotted. And of course realized that Irisimo of course was not selling Breitling. Instead of Breitling there was Swiss Military by Chrono diver. I also found out why my crazy mind thought it was a Breitling Superocean. Black dial with a white chapter ring, followed by a black bezel and on top of that a second hand with a square at the top of the hand (in fact Breitling has square at the top of the minute hand and not on the second hand, but with just a short look one can't distinguish that). If you are not familiar with the Breitling Superocean, check the picture below. You will soon understand, what I am talking about.. As I don't own Superocean, the picture was taken from the official Breitling web site...

The more I looked at the watch the more interesting it was to me. I soon figured out that the dial and the hands reminded me more of a Sinn U1 models rather than a Breitling Superocean. Again, just for the case of  comparability I placed U1 blue version here as well, again, taken from the Sinn's official web page as I don't have the Sinn either. But I quite like both of the watches so it is quite logical that also some kind of "hommage" impressed me more and more.
I have to be honest here. What I checked primarily was a blue version of the SM watch, which is just one of the possible color combinations. Black, white, yellow and orange are also an option, whereas black exist also in a "full black" dial version. Check them all below.

All watches exist also on a bracelet version or even on a full scope version - so with bracelet and rubber strap.

Since the base price for a rubber version watches on Irisimo was 900 EUR, I started investigating what in fact was in front of me. And I was impressed more and more. 42mm titanium case, with thickness of 13,4mm, sapphire glass, open backplate which reveals Selitta SW 200 automatic movement, ceramic bezel, screwed in crown. And on top of that 300m water resistance and 5 years international warranty. The basic price for the rubber at Irisimo was 900 EUR, with an additional discount of 15%. I of course also checked what is the original price at the official web store. 1000 EUR for rubber versions, 1100 EUR for bracelet versions and 1169 EUR for the full scope. If you sign for the SM by Chrono newsletter, you can get additional 15% discount on your first purchase.

Without too much of hesitation I decided to buy the watch. 765 EUR, what was the price at Irisimo seemed to be a great price for a watch with such characteristics.

​I only had a dilemma - which color of the dial should I take. Even though I still like the blue one the most, at some point I decided to go for a black version. A simple reason is that I have too many blue divers at home or on their way to me. The next candidate on the list was a full black version however that model was not available at Irisimo. And it was not 85 EUR better looking to me - that is how much would I have to pay more if I would order from the official website instead. 
This was my first purchase from Irismo, my first impressions are very positive. I received one hour later an email that my order was being packed, two hours later tracking number followed and the next day watch was in my hand (shipped from Bratislava). 

So, now that I have the watch, what can I say about it? The general look is not overwhelming, the watch does not even have any ambition to be an eye catcher. Even though it can be even worn on a suit, the nature environment is of course a casual / sport style. It certainly is a well balanced watch, fits great on my wrist. 42 mm case and 46 mm L2L makes a nice proportion that will be suitable for majority of the wrists. Watch is of course really light, I can hardly notice it on my wrist. Bezel has 120 one directional counter clockwise clicks, so far it is a perfectly aligned, it rotates easy but not too easy, just right. I am surprised that the crown is not signed, that is quite rare lately. Case edges are soft, nicely finished, no flaws.

The rubber strap is extremely good. I like the 22/20 combination. On one side it ends wit the signed titanium buckle on the other side the end is raised so that the strap can not slip out of the strap clamps even under the water. Believe me, that small detail is very important.

Strap uses quick release lugs. 

As I don't have the bracelet version, I can't give you any comment on that, sorry.

I already commented my general impression about the dial and hands but let me repeat myself. As it reminds me of some watches that I like I have mixed feelings. On one side I like what I see (hands are just perfect) but on the other side I can't get rid of the feeling that I am just looking to a some strange mixture copy of the watches that I like. 

What I really don't like it the huge amount of text on the dial. I understand the Chrono's proudness of all of the features this watch has, but smaller font would do just fine! And the huge Swiss Military by Chrono together with the Swiss cross is also too aggressive. Luckily they did not try to put some numbers on the dial and that the date window is normal sized and without a magnifying glass. 

On the other hand, luminova really stands out! For sure this watch can be placed on the highest category in this respect. It is interesting, that the light does not fade evenly. At first the blue bezel point fades out, then index markers. For the hands I am not sure if they fade at all! The night is even during the winter simply not long enough - hands just light on and on. 

Package of the watch is again nothing prestigious but it serve it's purpose (if I compare it with the Swiss Military Hanowa, this one is far better).This again shows that watch does not want to be nothing else but (very) good every day all rounder robust watch. And I can for sure confirm that if you are looking for that kind of watch in a price range of 500-1000 EUR, this for sure is a great candidate which can easily compete with all kind of microbrands using some non-Swiss movements. Plus a five years warranty should not be neglected. And I dare to say, this watch can easily compete also with other Swiss (and other) brands which use Selitta SW200 movement and which price is placed in (much) higher range. So, my final conclusion can not be anything else but recommended! One of the most correctly priced watches that I have seen recently.

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