First impression of Alexander Shorokhoff NEVA watch

Published on 7 July 2021 at 19:38

Today I would like to share with you my first impressions of the watch from the new collection - called NEVA - from Alexander Shorokhoff brand. I have just received it so this impressions are really fresh..

If you will check on the Alexander Shorokhoff web shop you will notice, that Neva collection includes several different versions of the dial colour, type of the cases (steel or PVD) and straps. Each version is limited to only 49 watches. But at least until 15.7.2021 you will not find this particular version with the blue dial with the outer white ring on their shop. The reason for this lies in the fact that this particular version is until 15.7. sold exclusively by Julius Kampmann through his web shop It seems that Kampmann has a great relations with AS, since this in not the first time that AS gives some privileges to Kampmann (read my review of the Poljot International Pobeda watch for example).

So it is quite obvious that also I purchased my watch there (btw. I am quite a regular customer of Poljot24 and I can strongly recommend this store and Mr. Kampmann's service). 

For the beginning just few basic facts. Diameter of the watch is 43,5 mm, it's height is 11,5mm, lug is 22mm, it has  stainless steel case, sapphire glass on both side of the watch. All in all watch is quite big and even though from the pictures it gives an impression to be a dress watch, it is not. But saying that this does not mean, that you can not use it also as a dress watch if your wrist is big enough for that. I feel quite comfortable wearing it also under the shirt.

Movement is Poljot 3105 hand winding mechanical movement (which is chronograph movement Poljot 3133 without chronograph module). Choice of the movement is actually quite interesting one. As you might be aware, this movement is not produced anymore (company Maktime which has taken over the entire production of 3133 family of Poljot movements after collapse of the Poljot, has also stopped with the production as well). Maybe this is the reason why each version is limited - movements are not available in unlimited quantities. Even though Alexander Shorokoff often uses ex. USSR or Russian movements for it's watches, it's not too often to use those movements in the watches under the Alexander Shorokoff brand, but it's not so rare either (as far as I know there are some chronograph models with Poljot 3133 movement, one regulator watch with Poljot 3105 and two alarm models - Glocker and Tschaikovsky with Poljot 2612.1, maybe I missed some others). More often watches with Russian movements were/are issued under the Poljot International brand or under the already abandoned brand Basilika. 

Again, as we are already spoiled by Alexander Shorokhoff, movement 3105 is totally reassembled, gilded, decorated, and it is far from original form of this movement. At the moment I can't give you any exact numbers about precision of the movement, but it seems that - again - Shorokhoff was able to get the best from the movement since the first impression is that watch is quite accurate.

Beside movement, the most beautiful parts of this watch are marvelous wavy guilloched dial and the second hand which is N (for Neva) shaped. This second hand really attracts attention and while wearing watch on the first day I received a lot of compliments for this detail on the watch. I also like how Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur is possitioned on the dial. 

In general, I should also not complain about the second and minute hand and the general design of the watch. Hands are nice, 60 at the top is also well designed. But - in my opinion - all that has just been seen too often. Plenty of watches from AS Avantgarde series uses the same hands, the same numbers on the dial. It's getting boring and too many watches are too similar. Just to give you an impression what I am talking about, here is the picture where I put together my AS Sixtythree model with the blue dial and new Neva. But of course, you can also say - hey they are all from Avantgarde series, they should have similarities!! The final verdict is up to you. 

As usual, watch is well build, has a quality leather strap (Kampmann adds also milanese bracelet with it), packed in a standard AS wodden box. Colour of the strap is questionable. Cream colour is quite interesting one, fits well to the colour of the dial. But - it is for sure not the best choice if you want to use this watch as a dress watch. But it is a good choice for a sport look. What is good in this watch is that it goes nice with several different straps, such as leather brown or dark blue, or some steel bracelets of a different kind.

I am sorry to say that I have also noticed one negative thing. I was unpleasantly surprised when realized that hands are not perfectly aligned. Misalignment is best seen at 6 o'clock, at 12 it is almost unnoticeable. That is something I am not used to see on AS watches (not even on the lower priced brands Basilika and Poljot International).

I know, I know, you have to be a watch freak to notice that. But, that's what we are :) I also don't know if this is just my watch or a general flaw. But for sure that is not some big issue, which can't be easily settled by your watchmaker. I am just surprised that it passed the AS final control which is by my experience with this company usually very strict.

At the end - price. Even though watch is priced at the lower side of the AS price range, it is not cheap compared to other AS watches. It is priced higher than for example Byzantinum, which uses ETA 2824 automatic movement. So hand winding Russian movement is placed higher than automatic ETA  movement!! As AS is not cheap brand compared to some other brands, that means that the basic price starts around 1200 EUR. Luckily Kampmann offers this watch at the moment for more appropriate 1050 EUR (including additional bracelet and free shipping).

So, my final verdict - if watch would be a bit cheaper (let's say around 900 EUR) that would be a great buy. If you can wait to get some discount anywhere, grab it! 

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