Alexander Shorokhoff Glocker alarm watch silver dial review

Published on 23 March 2022 at 20:33

Almost exactly three years ago I reviewed Alexander Shorokhoff (AS) first alarm watch, called Tschaikovsky, which used Poljot 2612.1 movement. At that time the review was published only on our local watch forum, so one month ago I rearranged that review also for my web page. If you missed that review, I suggest you to read it before you continue reading this review here:

Alexander Shorokhoff Tschaikovsky vs. Strela Signal with a short histroy of Poljot alarm 2612.1 movement

While preparing stated review for my webpage I also again checked Alexander Shorokoff present offer. What I noticed is that even though three years ago it was expected Tschaikovsky watch will be quite limited due to low stock of Poljot 2612.1 movements, this line is until now even extended to several more models. Yet - all new models don't use Poljot 2612.1 movement anymore but A. Shild AS 1930 (improved AS1475) movement. So in fact Tschaikovsky with Poljot 2612.1 is no longer in production. Prices of the new Tschaikovsky watches are even higher than it used to be with Poljot movement, now the price is - 5000 EUR!

And while searching through AS web pages I also noticed another alarm watch, this one still with Poljot 2612.1 movement, called Glocker (German for Bell). To be honest, I was aware that this model exist, I have once before already noticed it in web shop. But at that time I did not pay too much attention to this watch. 

On web page only the Glocker with black dial was offered and that model just did not intrigued me enough at that time and then I have forgotten it. Yet while browsing AS web pages I noticed also a silver dial version which was a totally different story.  That version attracted me very much at once and I decided that this watch must be a part of my alarm watches collection. Since I have a really great relationship with the owner of the web shop (Julian Kampmann), I asked him if I could buy Glocker silver dial through his web shop even though it was not available in his web shop. He checked in the factory, watch was in stock, he arranged everything very fast, and just few days latter watch was received. Before sending the watch to me, Julian took some photos and video, and with his permission I use some of his photos and video here. So, not all of the photos shown here are mine, video is not mine, but in all pictures and in video as well, it is my watch that it is shown.

I am 100% sure that the designers of this watch have not red my review of Tschaikovsky but still a lot of things that I didn't like there has been improved here. First - watch is much bigger, with diameter of 43 mm and height of 13 mm this is now a serious watch which fits great on my 19,4 cm wrist. The last picture with the watch on the right hand is not my hand, my impression is that Julian has a bit smaller wrist size, but still watch fits nicely: 

Then - as you can see - the alarm hand here is very long. Glocker also has additional inner alarm dial from 5.30 to 9.30 with 10 min intervals. Long alarm hand and this additional alarm dial together allow one to set alarm quite accurate. I tried setting alarm several times and never missed the desired time for more than two minutes. Of course that is true just within stated interval. If you by any chance need alarm outside of this interval then you can only use hour and minute markings on outer ring. So each minute marking represents 12 minute alarm interval.

Poljot 2612.1 movement offers a trick which allows setting the alarm even more accurate. If you turn hour hand anti clockwise, when hour hand reaches alarm hand, it "grabs" the alarm hand and they both travel together. When you reach the desired alarm position, you just turn hour hand clockwise to exact time (I forgot to mention this trick while reviewing Tschaikovsky!).

The next great improvement is luminova. This watch has a great luminova, a lot of divers should be envious how good this luminova is. Just hands are luminated, but that is more than enough. Luminova lasts for a whole night without any problems. I had and still have a lot of watches and if I have to choose just one to wear it during the night, Glocker would be one of the top watches in that list. 

Since the Poljot 2612.1 movement was already described in Tschaikovsky review, I will not go into much details here. Similar to Tschaikovksy movement is in Glocker decorated, gilded as well - as expected, to be honest.. 

But one important thing is very different compared to Tschaikovsky. In the design, Glocker goes back to movement roots, hammer again strikes on a pin which is fixed on a back plate and back plate is again not screwed in but just snapped. Since watch is now quite big for this movement, a big still spacer fixes movement. It's pity that AS did not use this spacer by adding a gong bumper on a spacer (as it was done on Tschaikovsky case). That would again allow a glass back case which this decoration absolutely deserves! Why put so much time and devotion on a decoration of the movement if then this movement is hidden under some steel plate, right? Ok, back plate is engraved, big bell and Glocker sign is there (as well as a moon and a building, don't know exactly what is the meaning of this) but at least I would be much more happy if instead of this picture I would be able to admire the movement. In action particularly! 

As you can see from the back plate, watch is limited to 100 pieces (plus 100 in black), so it seems that AS decided to use all of their stocks of Poljot movements for those 200 watches and that is why Tschaikovsky line has to be supplied with AS1930 movements instead.

Even though back plate is just snapped, some basic waterproof is declared. 5 ATM as you can see. Not much, but normal hands washing is allowed. And that is, to be honest, enough for this type of watch.

Now, let me finally focus to the dial, which was most probably intended to be the main attraction of this watch. Namely, already stated alarm sub dial is decorated with eight mother-of-pearl sectors.

Each sector has a different color, color scheme goes from very dark (night time) towards the very light (day time). What is very interesting here is the fact, that those segments change the colors constantly. From one angle you get the impression all pearls are dark, from another the same pearls are very bright. In shadow one color scheme, on sun totally different one. I tried to take a photo of a very light and very dark version respectively, but photos just don't show how colors changes constantly. If you check all the pictures here again and also a video, you might get the impression about this play of colors.

Even though attractive and interesting, mother-of-pearl part of the dial raises also a serious question if it is a good idea at all. I am quite sure some of you thinks this looks ugly, some thinks it's beautiful. My opinion is that this is an interesting approach which I quite like. 

To be honest, before buying the watch I was afraid that everything will be too pinky and that watch will look too much feminine. Well, in standard daily wearing it is not, but sometimes you can't avoid the fact that everything looks pinky.

And there is one thing which I really don't like - the alarm hand design. The whole hand is a mistake by my opinion (except the length of course). Those "prison" stripes, why?? And the hart at the end. Auch. Too much for my taste. AS in general has extravagant watches in entire collection, this Glocker is a part of Avangarde line, what is seen from the design of the hands and dial with very striking numbers 60 and 20. Together with the mother-of-pearl part that would be enough of extravagance on the dial. This alarm hand is just a step over the limit for me. And, saying all that -  my wife just commented how cute the hart on the alarm hand is. She also made a comment that the Glocker sign and a bell on the dial are ruing the beauty of the dial. At first that detail did not bother me, but the more that I look the more I must agree with my wife. Glocker part just does not fit right to the general outlook of the dial. At least fonts should be different.

Both crowns are signed, the pin buckle and the leather strap as well. As an option AS offers this watch also with Milanese bracelet instead of leather strap, but since I don't like Milanese bracelet in general, my choice was easy.

I am very satisfied with the attached leather strap. It is very comfortable, even though it's new it is quite soft.

Everything is packed in very quality box, already known to me from other AS watches. 

For the end, what about the price. Since you already know the price of Tschaikovsky, the 2.800 EUR for silver and 2.900 for black version is a positive surprise :). I have no idea, why Tschaikovsky is priced so much higher than Glocker. Or better say why it was priced higher while still having the Poljot movement. Since now Tschaikovsky has a Swiss movement  :)

What should also be pointed out here is that while you were able to get Tschaikovsky for much less (and even today offers old version of Tschaikovsky with Poljot movement for "just" 1.600 EUR), getting Glocker for less than official price is a project. I was able to find one store in Slovakia with price for both versions for a little more than 2.400 EUR, but silver watch was not in stock. All other sellers tend to sell only for the official price. Luckily Julian was able to offer me the competitive price. 

The price is by my opinion also the main reason that Glocker does not sell well. Even though it is limited to 100+100 watches and watch is well built and attractive (at least to 200 buyers, I am sure of that), it is still available even after more than two years from the launch. Basic price of 2.000 EUR would make a huge difference, I guess.

For the very end, I invite you to check also the video of my watch. You will also hear the sound of the alarm. Nothing spectacular, but is does it's job. It is loud enough to wake you and even too loud to just be a reminder for some event.

P.S.: Important disclaimer.  Even though I mentioned and it's owner Julian Kampmann, this is NOT a paid review. I am just his very regular customer and his first buyer of the silver version. And of course, I have no connection to Alexander Shorokhoff company as well.

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