Even though Blancpain is the oldest watch company which still exist, they have never developed their own alarm movement. What's more, they haven't launched any alarm watch which would at least use some other alarm movement. So it was quite a surprise when Blancpain - together with Breguet - developed an alarm movement at the beginning of the new century. Blancpain named its alarm watch "Leman Reveil GMT" and the movement 1241G, and Breguet "Le Reveil du Tsar" and movement Breguet 519. The base of the movement is Lemania 2980 (so one spring barrel for time and alarm with automatic winding), but GMT complication and two patented new features (turn alarm on/off and time zone independed alarm) were added.

1241G was modified in 2007 and the modified version is named 1241H.

I have only one Blancpain watch in my collection.

Instruction manual:

Crown at 2.00: In position 0, winding the watch (and alarm). Power indicator between 10.00-12.00 shows only the alarm power. In position 1, Setting the local time. Only the hour hand moves, when crossing midnight also the date changes (in both directions!). This function is also the only way to set the date. In position 2, setting the GMT time. Watch stops in this position. You can set the minute hand and through stop second function also the second.

Crown at 4.00 in position 1: Setting the alarm (only anti clockwise).

Crown at 8.00: Alarm On/off. Indicator at 12.00 shows alarm status (hand pointed to the bell - ringing activated).